Useful Business Travel Tips

If you travel frequently for business, this information should help to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Travelling for business is very different from a vacation trip. Vacation trips are enjoyable, while the business trips are work,

  • However, if planned well business travel can be stress free and fun,
  • Business travel can be very rewarding, but also can lead to exhaustion on long duration flights. This particularly applies to people who travel frequently,
  • Therefore it is important to plan your business trip to save time, ensure it is comfortable and enjoyable as much as possible.

Your Business Travel Plan

Here are some suggested tips which can help you plan your route better:

  • Keep copies of all tickets, insurance, passport in a safe place (should anything gets lost or goes missing then you have the essential on you),
  • Combine your itinerary into a single readable document

Packing For Business Travel

Packing for a business trip is no different from packing for a vacation, but it is good to have a simple rule in mind when you do:

  • Use a handbag at most time if possible,
  • If you are travelling with a suit then you could always use a suit carrier bag when compared to a wheeled trolley,
  • Pack your bags such that you can find things inside quickly. This exercise will save valuable time and trouble when passing through security,
  • All liquids must be in the right size of container (less than 100 ml is the current regulations) and must be in a separate clear plastic bag,
  • Make sure your laptop can be retrieved easily as you will have to take it out when going through airport security,
  • Keep the toiletry bag at the top of your luggage for easy access.

Business Traveller’s Tools For The Trip

The modern business traveller needs to take more than his business attire with him when travelling. Most corporate travellers travel with a small “mobile office” with them. Some advice below:

  • When buying a laptop, try to get one which is light as possible,
  • Notebooks are quickly gaining popularity because they are designed for mobility hence ideal for taking when travelling,
  • Smart phones like the BlackBerry or iPhone, are very popular and can really make your job easier while travelling,
  • Do not forget to upload all of your electronics before you travel,
  • Do not forget to take the necessary cables and chargers you need for your trip,
  • You can save on hotel phones and international roaming charges by using IP phone or Skype to call long distance.

Hope these help with your travels.

By Windsor Taxis