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  • Useful Business Travel Tips

    If you travel frequently for business, this information should help to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Travelling for business is very different from a vacation trip. Vacation trips are enjoyable, while the business trips are work, However, if planned well business travel can be stress free and fun, Business travel can be very […]

  • When Travelling By Air

    Most business trips are by air and there are many things to consider before and during flight.  Some business travel tips are: When choosing an airline for travel, other than comparing prices, also compare the service and the comfort level involved. Check out the environment, e.g. leg room – this is an important factor that […]

  • Holiday checklist for hand and main luggage

    Holiday checklist for hand luggage: Hand luggage size 56cm x 45cm x 25cm Up to date Passports and Visas Tickets Travel Itinerary/Villa/reservation info etc Wallet/Purse/Money belt Cash/Credit cards Foreign currency Travellers Cheques Travel insurance policy Driving licence Photo ID Other identification Mobile phone/ call cards / charger Pen / notebook Address lists for emergencies/postcards Spectacles/sunglasses […]